If you do not need to tow and carry your bicycles at the same time then you can use our EasyFixx range of tow ball mounted cycle carriers. These cycle carriers mount directly on to the ball of your tow bar and are therefore unsuitable for towing and carrying.

However, the MaxxRaxx cycle carrier system includes carriers that leave the ball on your tow bar free for towing. There is a model of MaxxRaxx that fits almost every tow bar, even the most modern Swan Neck tow bars.

So, it is possible to tow and carry at the same time. Please remember however, the combination of car and whatever you tow is different in every case. The space available to fit the bicycles, turning restrictions and nose weight limitations, are all factors that need to be considered.

On this page we have brought together several pieces of information that will help you ascertain how many bicycles you can carry on your particular vehicle and caravan or trailer combination.

Please read this section carefully and follow the links to other pages on our site and to some external web sites. Many of the points in this guide are very important for you to consider before setting off on your journey. In a few cases it may not be possible to carry any bicycles at the same time as towing although of course the cycle carriers can be used to transport your bicycles safely any time you are not towing.

Nose Weight Indicator GaugeNose Weight Indicator Gauge

Weight limitations and your tow bar

The tow bar on your vehicle has a maximum load that can be applied to it called the Nose Weight Rating. We have a Nose Weight Rating guide on our web site offering some general advice including specific guidance about the number of bicycles your tow bar can hold. Remember, when towing you must allow for the nose weight of your trailer or caravan. This may restrict the number of bicycles you can carry when towing at the same time.

Go to our online search engine to select which cycle carriers are designed for your vehicle and learn exactly how many bicycles your specific vehicle can carry. Please remember this is the maximum number of bicycles your vehicle can carry without anything else attached to the tow bar. You must also take into account the nose weight of your caravan or trailer.

This useful accessory, our Nose Weight Indicator Gauge, quickly and simply allows you to check the nose weight or your trailer or caravan and ensure safe and legal towing.

Please also always check your vehicle Owner's Handbook for the latest and most accurate information.


TowClearanceTowing clearance chart

Checking the space available to carry bikes — Turning restrictions

Your MaxxRaxx cycle carrier is attached to the tow bar and is therefore fixed to the vehicle. It is as though your vehicle has been extended and the bicycles are now effectively the rear of the vehicle. Once mounted on the cycle carrier, there must be sufficient room between the bicycles and the trailer/caravan to allow for turning. Remember it is also possible to apply a much tighter steering lock when reversing so be particularly aware of these limits when manoeuvring in reverse.

You may require a Tow Height Extension, available from our Accessories section, for your MaxxRaxx cycle carrier. This lifts your bicycles another 300mm in order to clear jockey wheel handles, gas bottles, etc. on your caravan or trailer A-frame. The height extension is supplied with a special, large padlock which locks it to the S-Tube (upright) of your cycle carrier.

The dimensions of every caravan, trailer, A-frame or draw bar and vehicle are different. Some small trailers and particularly trailer tents often have a very short draw bar but may also have a sloping front face to the trailer. This means that the number of bicycles you can carry may be limited by the dimensions of the space available as well as by the tow bar strength and nose weight rating

This PDF document is a plan which gives guidance on the clearance needed when towing and carrying. It states how many bicycles will fit in the space between the back of the vehicle and front of the caravan and this includes the minimum distance you require to ensure clearance when turning using each of our cycle carriers.

Alko Towball GuideDownload PDF



Towing with an AL-KO or Winterhoff stabiliser

Certain caravans or trailers have a stabiliser fitted to help reduce snaking. The 2 main types of ball acting stabilisers are Winterhoff and AL-KO. The Winterhoff uses discs to apply pressure to the front and back of the ball and so it also reduces vertical movement or pitching. The AL-KO types of stabiliser use discs to apply pressure to the sides of the ball and so have a much wider head on the coupling.  

AL-KO KOBER Ltd give explicit guidance regarding which 2-bolt flange tow balls are or are not suitable for use with an AL-KO stabiliser. Detailed information can be found by downloading this PDF from AL-KO Vehicle Technology. Assuming that the correct 2-bolt flange tow ball is fitted in accordance with this guidance, all MaxxRaxx cycle carriers available from our online shop or via any of our retail partners, are compatible with both Winterhoff and AL-KO stabilisers. 

However, if your vehicle has a Swan Neck tow bar, you tow with a stabiliser, and you want to tow and carry at the same time then in this particular case, we will need to discuss your vehicle and tow bar details. We will need to supply and fit a special MaxxRaxx Swan Neck cycle carrier via one of our specialist fitters. Please complete our Swan Neck Tow and Carry Cycle Carrier Fitting Form to see if this is an option for you. If it is, we will put you in touch with your nearest authorised Tow and Carry Swan Neck adapter fitter. We can also supply a wider AL-KO/Winterhoff compatible Foot adapter with your Swan Neck cycle carrier to ensure there is sufficient clearance between the coupling head and the MaxxRaxx cycle carrier when turning. In certain rare cases our cycle carriers with Swan Neck adaptors are incompatible with specific combinations of particular Swan Neck tow bars and stabilisers. We can identify this rare situation and advise you before you buy.

Winterhoff stabiliser and AL-KO stabilisersWinterhoff stabiliser and AL-KO stabilisers