Swan Neck Tow Bar Bike Rack Fitting Form

As our bike rack offers a unique facility that will allow you to tow and carry your bikes at the same time on your swan neck towbar, we need to ensure that everything will work correctly for you. The initial rack installation must be carried out by one of our approved fitters to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Please fill in the information below:

Personal Details
Vehicle details
Bike rack requirements



Please take a photo like the one below and send it to us using the upload facility provided. It is important that it is taken in such a way that it includes all the aspects detailed here:

  1. Please make sure the ball cap is removed. We use your Ø50mm tow ball in your photo to calculate the information we need to advise you.      
  2. Take the photo from side on, at the rear of the car, at a position that is in line with the rearmost part of the bumper.
  3. The camera needs to be at ball height.
  4. The shot needs to show the full height of the bumper including the most rearward part of the car if it protrudes further than the bumper so that we can check the horizontal distance between the ball and a vertical line touching the rearmost point of the car.
  5. If the vehicle has a rear door mounted spare wheel, please also supply one photo from directly behind the car showing at least the bottom two thirds of the spare wheel and the whole of the tow bar.
  6. Please make sure your files, preferably .jpg, are about 150dpi. Anything much smaller will be too fuzzy when magnified to the size we need to work on.
Swan Neck Example Image
Additional Information

Once we have recieved your image someone will be in touch asap to confirm the next stage.