Auxiliary Straps

If you are carrying more than 2 bikes or whenever you use the Towing Height Extension, you must use 2 AUXX Safety Straps and establish a triangulated configured restraint of the load. AUXX Safety Straps are not intended to take the full weight of the bikes/rack load but rather to restrain the rack to avoid the danger of shock loading the tow bar excessively. 

If you require any further help or information about your tow bar, the subject of nose weight loading or indeed anything else regarding the MaxxRaxx bike rack system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All vehicles have a Nose Weight Rating

This is the recommended downward force permissible on the tow ball. It is established by the vehicle manufacturer and the tow bar manufacturer and should not be exceeded. This specification can usually be found in the vehicle handbook under technical data dealing with towing weights etc or by contacting the tow bar manufacturer. Cars may typically have a nose weight rating between 50kg and 85kg while that of the more robust SUV and 4x4 vehicles could be in excess of 125kg.

To assist you in establishing how many bikes a MaxxRaxx could enable you to carry.

Number Of Bikes Carried
Vehicle Nose Weight Rating
1 Bike
25 kg
2 Bikes
45 kg
3 Bikes
60 kg
4 Bikes
75 kg
5 Bikes
100 kg
  1. A 4-bike MaxxRaxx bike rack weighs approx 12kg.
  2. A fairly typical steel frame bike weighs approx 14kg.
  3. 4 bikes on a MaxxRaxx would place approx. a 68kg nose weight loading on your tow bar.

The MaxxRaxx is extremely strong and has been designed and engineered so that a vehicle with a nose weight rating of 100kg or more can carry up to 5 bikes.

Towing and carrying at the same time

Nose weight indicator gaugeNose weight indicator gauge

Please remember these recommendations are the maximum number of bikes your car can carry without anything else attached to the tow bar. You could be restricted in the number of bikes you are able to carry while towing at the same time as you also need to be aware of the recommended nose weight required on your caravan or trailer coupling in order to tow a well balanced caravan or trailer safely.

This useful accessory, our Nose Weight Indicator Gauge, quickly and simply allows you to check the nose weight of your trailer or caravan and ensure safe and legal towing.

Always check your Owner's Handbook for the latest, most accurate information.