Rear lights and number plate

Cycle carrier Lighting Board and BracketCycle carrier Lighting Board and Bracket

Your vehicle lights and your entire number plate must be visible at all times. This requirement still applies, and is especially true when carrying bikes. If you drive to other European countries like France and Germany, the traffic police actively enforce this law and you will be subject to a spot fine shortly after leaving the ferry or train.

NTTA logoDetailed guidance of the legal requirements is given by the NTTA, the National Trailer and Towing Association. Driving and the law concerning trailer lighting and number plates.

We can supply a Lighting Board and Bracket to help you comply with these regulations. The lighting board is ideally suited for use on bicycle carriers and the bracket provides a secure and convenient way to mount your lighting board on the MaxxRaxx bike rack.

We are unable to supply a number plate to fix to your lighting board. You will be required to show your V5 registration documents to whoever provides the number plate.

New Number Plate Regulations

Until recently it's been too easy for thieves to give a stolen vehicle a new identity: simply buy a new set of number plates. From the beginning of January 2003 it became more difficult for the thieves but possibly a bit less convenient for you.

Number Plate Suppliers

From 1 January 2003 all number plate suppliers in England and Wales had to be registered with the DVLA and are required to keep records of all number plate sales.

If you want to buy a new number plate for a bike rack or a trailer or caravan, or to replace a broken one on your car, you will have to show the registered supplier documents to prove both who you are and also that you have entitlement to the registration mark.

Various documents will be accepted for proof of identity, including one of the following:

  • A current photo card driving licence
  • Utility bill and current paper driving licence
  • Utility bill and passport
  • Utility bill and credit/debit card with photograph
  • Utility bill and travel pass card with photograph
  • Utility bill and foreign national identity card

For proof of entitlement to the vehicle registration mark, one of the following:

  • V5 registration document
  • V11 licence renewal application form
  • copy of hire/lease contract
  • company letter on headed paper, including VAT number or VE103 (vehicle on hire certificate)
  • proof of Cherished Transfer