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MaxxRaxx bike racks (or cycle carriers) as some people call them are very simple and easy to use. However, your personal requirements may be complex. Use the support offered here to understand what set-up you need for your vehicle and carrying requirements, whether you're a potential customer or an existing owner.

Buyers Support

Which MaxxRaxx for my car? How many bikes can I carry?

Select your vehicle make then the model to identify the correct MaxxRaxx bike rack for your car. This also identifies the maximum number of bikes you can carry based on the Nose Weight Rating of your specific vehicle.

Choose your Bike Rack

Select your car make, model and tow bar.

Free Buyers Guide
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Read our free guide to help you understand about the different types of bike rack available.

Why use a Tow Bar?

Here we explain why you need to use a tow bar to carry bikes. We strongly believe it is the only safe and secure option which is also, unlike roof mounted systems, practical to use. The section includes information about the different types of tow bar available.

Suppport SwanNecks
Swan Necks

If you have a Swan Neck tow bar and plan to tow a caravan or trailer whilst carrying  your bikes, you will need our specialised Swan Neck cycle carrier fitted by one of our authorised dealers.

Please fill out this Swan Neck tow and carry bike rack fitting form.

Disco2Carry Tow1
Tow and Carry

MaxxRaxx bike rack's always leave the ball on your tow bar free for towing, even on most modern SwanNeck tow bars enabling you to tow and carry at the same time. 

Suppport - Ladies Bikes X-Bar
Non-standard bikes

Certain bikes that have no top-tube such as full suspension Y-frame mountain bikes or "step through" ladies bikes (without a cross bar) may require an X-bar


The most common questions people have that are new to the MaxxRaxx Bike Rack. If your question isn't featured please contact us directly.

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UK Resellers

Find the most up to date list of bike shops and tow bar centres who are MaxxRaxx resellers. Finally, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at all about cycle carriers.