SwanNeck Up-grade kit


Convert 2-bolt flange ball MaxxRaxx bike rack to tow and carry with a swan neck tow bar

The MaxxRaxx SwanNeck Up-Grade Kit (30SK02) allows you to convert your existing 2-bolt flange bar MaxxRaxx bike rack for use with either a fixed or detachable swan neck tow bar. This is not suitable for use with a retractable swan neck tow bar. The cost of our SwanNeck Upgrade Kit is £320 (incl. Fitting, Delivery and VAT).

The MaxxRaxx SwanNeck Tow and Carry adaptor must be supplied and fitted by one of our network of professional, authorised fitters. The price of a SwanNeck upgrade kit for your bike rack includes the fitting charge, delivery to the authorised fitter and VAT.

Please complete our Swan Neck Tow and Carry Bike Rack Fitting Form so that we can confirm that the tow bar set-up you have is suitable.