2 Bicycle to 4 Bicycle Conversion Kit 30UG24

2 Bicycle to 4 Bicycle Conversion Kit 30UG24

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Convert any 2 Bicycle MaxxRaxx to carry 3 or 4 bicycles



  • Converts any 2 Bicycle MaxxRaxx to carry 3 or 4 bicycles.
  • It is important to note that your vehicle must be rated to be able to carry 4 bicycles. To do so it must have a Nose Weight Rating (NWR) of at least 75kg. The NWR rating specification can usually be found in the vehicle hand book under Towing Specifications and/or on the vehicle's tow bar data plate on or adjacent to the tow bar. It is often identified as the ’S’ Value or Nose Load. Nose Weight Rating
  • Please check your vehicle's bicycle carrying capacity with our online search engine.
  • Comes complete with 4 Bicycle Top Beam, 2 Cycle Cradles and 2 AUXX Safety Straps (required when carrying more than 2 bicycles).

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