AUXX Safety Straps 15AS02

AUXX Safety Straps 15AS02

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AUXX Safety Straps

The purpose of the AUXX Safety Straps is to prevent excessive shock loading to your tow bar bracket which may occur due to whip action when the vehicle is in motion.

Whenever carrying more than 2 bicycles, two AUXX Safety Straps must be used which is why a set of two straps is supplied with every 4 and 5 Bicycle MaxxRaxx.

Please Note; A set of two AUXX Safety Straps will be supplied if ordered here.



  • It is always necessary to use two AUXX Safety Straps when carrying more than 2 bicycles on any vehicle.
  • A pair of AUXX Safety Straps is included with every 4 and 5 cycle carrier we supply.
  • It is not necessary to use any AUXX Safety Straps when carrying only 2 bicycles, therefore no AUXX Safety Straps are included with our 2 cycle carriers.
  • If purchasing a 2 Bicycle Height Extension Kit 20ET42 then 2 AUXX Safety Straps will be provided as standard. These must be used.
  • When carrying more than 1 e-bicycle on a MaxxRaxx, 2 AUXX Safety Straps should be employed.
  • By using 2 AUXX Safety Straps, a triangulated support is provided to help steady the load.
  • By locating the AUXX Safety Straps between fixing points on the vehicle and the insertion points on the carrier, any flexing movement is reduced.
  • It is important to ensure that the correct tension is applied to each strap. See Video