5 Bicycle Explorer Flange Black 10MA52

5 Bicycle Explorer Flange Black 10MA52

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The 5 Bicycle Explorer Flange Cycle Carrier is for use on a flange ball tow bar and has a maximum load capacity of 80kg. It is suitable for some 4x4 vehicles with a rear door mounted spare wheel. All MaxxRaxx Cycle Carriers have a tilting facility, an inbuilt security cable, and our unique ratchet tie-down mechanism. They come supplied with fixing bolts, locating pins, 2 AUXX Safety Straps and 2 padlocks for added security. Our cycle carriers are robustly built from structural steel and this one is finished in a textured matte black powder coating.

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Features & Benefits of the 5 Bicycle Explorer Flange Black Cycle Carrier

  • Suitable for carrying up to 5 bicycles.
  • Has a load capacity of 80kg.
  • S-Tube (upright) offsets 25cm rearwards to clear rear mounted spare wheel.
  • Carrier dimensions: height above tow ball 81cm, length 104cm.
  • Tilts with bicycles loaded for easy access to rear hatch/boot.
  • Bicycles are gripped firmly and held clear of your vehicle to prevent damage to paintwork.
  • Can be taken apart for easy storage. A specially designed Kitbag (15KB02) is available as an optional accessory.
  • Easy to fit and use, no extra straps required to secure the bicycles.
  • Strong ratchet and patented cycle cradles hold bicycles securely.
  • Built in security locks bicycles to the carrier. The carrier is locked to the tow bar with the padlock supplied.
  • 5 cycle carriers are supplied with two AUXX Safety Straps (15AS02) which must be used when carrying more than 2 bicycles to avoid any shock load damage to the tow bar.
  • MaxxRaxx 90cm Lighting Board + Bracket available, (item: 30LB01) to comply with legal requirements when rear lights and/or number plate are obscured or partially obscured. (Please note MaxxRaxx do not supply vehicle registration plates. These can be obtained from car accessory shops or tow bar/trailer centres. Please note you will require your V5 document along with proof of residence e.g Utility Bill).
  • "Tow and carry" leaves your tow ball free to enable towing at the same time, even with an AL-KO stabiliser. If you are using an AL-KO stabiliser you must use an AL-KO 2-bolt flange tow ball, as required by the AL-KO manufacturer. Please read our tow and carry guidance.
  • The Towing Height Extension (20ET40) may be required to enable the wheels of the bicycles to clear the Jockey Wheel handle on the A-frame of the trailer or caravan.

Additional information

  • Explorer Carriers are suitable for all 4x4 vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel that extends up to 25cm from the flange ball back plate.
  • For fixed or detachable 2-bolt flange towbars. Click here if you have a Swan Neck tow bar.
  • Suitable for vehicles with a nose weight rating of at least 100kg.

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