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MAXXRAXX EasyFixx TP Explorer Conversion Kit with Clamp T-Bolt

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Product Code: 30EU22
Weight: 10.5 kg

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Have you changed your car to a vehicle with a spare wheel on the rear? Such as a Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler or Mitsubishi Shogun?! Or do you own a second or third vehicle which has a wheel attached to the rear door and you want to use the MAXXRAXX Bike Rack without having to purchase a brand new rack because you have a Voyager or Pioneer version?

You can with one of our MAXXRAXX Explorer Conversion Kits!

To convert an existing Voyager (formerly Premier) or Pioneer (formerly Discovery) flange or Tow & Carry Swan Neck Carrier to an EasyFixx TP Explorer (Just Carry) bike rack, you will require either the 30EU22 or 30EU12 Conversion Kit. Both of these conversion kits include an Explorer S-Tube with the EasyFixx TP Adaptor Kit (30EU10). The S-Tube will substitute the sideways offset flange or swan neck S-Tubes of the Voyager R or L (Right 20ST41 or Left 20ST44) of your original carrier, as these are not suitable for use with vehicles such as the Defender or other vehicles with a spare wheel on the rear, or our EasyFixx TP Adaptor. The Pioneer S-Tube can be used with our EasyFixx TP Adaptor but does not have sufficient clearance for the rear wheel on most 4x4 vehicles.

If your current carrier does not have a Clamp T-Bolt 60CB03 or Cam Bolt 60CB02, you will require the 30EU22 EasyFixx with Explorer S-Tube & Conversion Kit.

The 30EU series of Conversion Kits will only allow you to Just Carry your bikes. If you wish to Tow & Carry and you have a Flange two bolt tow bar please see our range of FlangeFixed Conversion Kits

Please Note: We do not currently have options on Conversion Kits for the Swan Neck Tow and Carry.