Planning a holiday with both your bikes and caravan?

The MaxxRaxx cycle carrier gives you touring with flexibility and choice. Apart from our EasyFixx range of bike racks which mount directly on to the ball of your tow bar, all our other bike racks leave your tow ball free, allowing you to carry your bikes and tow your caravan or trailer, at the same time.

There is a Towing Height Extension available to lift your bikes an additional 300mm to clear the jockey wheel handle, gas bottles etc. If you use an AL-KO stabiliser all our 2 bolt flange racks come with an AL-KO compatible Foot Plate to ensure adequate clearance when turning. Please contact MaxxRaxx for further information.


Every combination of vehicle and caravan/trailer is different. This PDF document gives guidance about the clearance needed and how many bikes will fit in the space between vehicle and caravan for each of our racks.

MaxxRaxx is unable to guarantee the compatibility of their products to specific vehicle and caravan/trailer combinations. Ultimately it is a matter for the user to consider the product, its design features and space available and decide whether or not it is suitable for their individual requirements.

Please go to our TOW&CARRY section for more detailed advice about towing a caravan or trailer at the same time as using a bike rack.