How strong is a MaxxRaxx cycle carrier?—the answer is simple...VERY!

All MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are manufactured from structural steel for maximum strength. Compared with many bike racks on the market today, which are made from thin walled steel or aluminium tubing, MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are extremely robust. In addition our bike racks are specially treated against rust and then powder coated to ensure optimum durability. Not only can you carry a full load of adult bikes, your MaxxRaxx cycle rack will also look great throughout the many years of use you will have from it.

We give a full 5 year guarantee with all our racks.

How many bikes can I carry?

Every MaxxRaxx cycle carrier is seriously strong. Solid British engineering means that you can carry up to 5 bikes with one of our cycle racks. However, the strength of the mounting points of the tow bar may restrict the number of bikes you can carry on your specific car. How many bikes can my vehicle carry?

Most vehicles can carry 4 bikes easily. A few smaller cars may be limited to just 2 or 3 bikes. However, on some rugged vehicles such as certain 4x4s and SUVs, you will be able to carry up to 5 adult bikes. Towing and carrying bikes at the same time may also limit the number of bikes you can carry.

You should not exceed the recommended Nose Weight Rating of your vehicle. This could limit the number of bikes you are able to carry, especially if you will be towing at the same time.