Don't risk scratching your car's paintwork

Finally, a way to carry bikes and be sure to protect your car!

Cycle carriers that are mounted onto the back of your car can easily damage your car and/or your bikes. Since the rack and bikes rest on the car, it is almost impossible to prevent some damage from occurring. Roof mounted racks may therefore seem like the sensible choice. They certainly keep the bike away from the car bodywork; however it soon becomes clear that they too present some difficulties. For many, it is just not possible to lift a full size bike all the way up onto the roof of a modern family car and even if it is possible, there is always the risk of slipping and doing serious damage to the car whilst struggling to lift the bikes up or down from the roof or while trying to fix them in place.

Tow bar mounted bike racks provide a solution that really works!

MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are designed to prevent any damage occurring to either the car or your bikes. The bikes are held clear of your vehicle and the rack’s top-beam is the ideal height for loading your bikes. Our unique design includes a special Cycle Cradle for each bike, ensuring they are kept apart whilst the ratchet strap holds them firmly in place to prevent any movement.