Quick and easy to fit

Get on with enjoying your day

  1. Fix the rack to your car in minutes.
  2. Ideal height for adding your bikes. Watch the video
  3. After use, the rack takes up hardly any room for storage.


There really is only one way to carry bikes and be sure of protecting your car

Tow bar mounted bike racks work!


Unique patented cradle and powerful ratchet strapping

Your bike is strapped down quickly and firmly.

The MaxxRaxx cycle carrier uses our unique, specially designed and patented cradles for your bikes. These allow us to use a strong and simple ratchet system, similar to that used on lorries.

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How strong is a MaxxRaxx cycle carrier?—VERY is the simple answer!

All MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are manufactured from structural steel for maximum strength. As well as being very strong, all our bike racks are specially treated against rust and then powder coated to ensure the best durability possible.


Easy boot access

The MaxxRaxx tilts, even when loaded, to allow full access to the rear hatch or boot of your vehicle.

Even with a 4x4, when the rack is tilted the rear door can be opened up to 60 degrees providing easy access for the shopping, kids and dogs.

No need to remove your bikes.

Tow & Carry

Planning a holiday with both your bikes and caravan or trailer?


Your bikes are valuable.

Remember, your bikes are not insured if they are not locked.

With the MaxxRaxx cycle rack, not only are your bikes locked to our bike rack with a built-in security cable, the rack is also locked to the tow bar. 

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